Upcoming Litter Announcements


I have some very exciting news! Maizey and Teddy (Santana) have honeymooned successfully! Just ❤️ at first sight again for this gorgeous pair! We are expecting to have Goldendoodle puppies due at Christmas! These puppies should be a sturdy small Standard size 40-57lbs est. and have a possibility of being cream, apricot, or red with white markings. All will be curly or wavy, and have amazing soft fleece coats! Mostly black pigment, also a chance of brown for noses, and eye rims. We are over the moon excited for our little Goldendoodles! This is a repeat litter for Maizey and Santana, they are parents to our Gracie Mae and Ralphie. Check out their gorgeous previous litter on our past puppies page!


These should be the smiliest puppies we have ever seen! Our sweet smiling Moxie Lu and our darling  handsome smiley boy Ruger have been bred for medium multigenerational Goldendoodles! We estimate 37-47lbs for this litter. Moxie is a fabulous Mother, and we are super excited  to see Ruger’s babies. We have a possibility of curly and wavy coats in red, apricot and cream with white markings and all black noses, and eye rims.


We are planning for Gracie & Ruger to be bred for medium multigenerational Goldendoodles hopefully in later 2021.  (Pending health testing) I cannot wait to see their offspring together. These will be amazing puppies! We should have shades apricot to mahogany red with lots of Abstract and tuxedo markings, curly and wavy coats, black noses and eye rims.

We reserve the right to keep back a breeders choice puppy or puppies from any litter. Our reservation list fills very quickly and is reopened as of 11-6-2020, once filled it may be quite sometime before we accept applications again.

HBG bulk puppy reservation waiting list. 

  1. Balto family, IlL
  2. Price family, PA
  3. Rivera family, OH
  4. Martin family, OH
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