Upcoming Litter Announcements

Available Puppies & Upcoming litters for fall/winter 2023. 

*Updated August 9th, 2023 We have openings on our reservation list!

*ALL puppies are sold under a strict spay/neuter contract. 

*ALL HBG Puppy Parents are fully Genetically and OFA health tested (hips, elbows eyes & heart) and are Blue Ribbon with Goldendoodle Association of North America! 

Upcoming Litters

Mini multigenerational Goldendoodles 

We are so thrilled that our Riley Rose has been bred to Mitten Doodles Sully! Sully also has completed all of his health testing to our same high standards. Both Riley and Sully have the wonderful, sweet natured temperaments we have come to know and love in our Goldendoodles, and we are excited to offer that in a smaller version! We expect Riley’s babies to be Apricot or Red in solid or with some white markings. We could have black or brown pigment (noses, eye rims, paw pads). All puppies in this litter will have gorgeous fully furnished (long hair genes only, best type for allergies and avoiding shedding) wavy or straight coats. 

*Puppies will be ready to go home the last week of November.

*We are accepting reservations now for this litter. Submit your puppy application, and text 419-680-0615 and I will give you a call!


Medium/Mini  Multigenerational English Goldendoodles 

We are excited for Dixie’s first litter! She will be bred with Ruger. We expect her heat cycle soon. Puppies will be fully furnished (long hair only, best type for mild allergies) mini/medium English Goldendoodles. We expect sweet temperaments, ideal for therapy, emotional support and companionship. They will be stunningly beautiful! We have a possibility of coat colors being cream, apricot or red in solid, abstract, tuxedo or parti markings with black or brown noses & paw pads.

*We are accepting reservations now for those interested in a puppy from this litter. Submit your puppy application and text 419-680-0615 and I will give you a call!

Standard Multigenerational English Goldendoodles 

I cannot wait to see Hallie and Ralphie’s Standard size puppies together! This upcoming litter has been a goal of mine for quite some time. We have color possibilities of Cream, Apricot, or red in solid or with abstract white markings, possibly tuxedos, all black pigment for noses and paw pads. Coat types could be wavy, curly or straight. (All will have the long hair Goldendoodle look) All will be gorgeous! We also expect fabulous, friendly, snuggly and sweet temperaments from this litter. Hallie & Ralphie are 48 & 55lbs, nice sturdy small standard size. These puppies will be absolutely amazing!

*We are accepting applicants for those interested in a puppy from this litter. Submit your puppy application, text me at 419-680-0615 and I will give you a call! 

Are you ready to say Hello Beautiful to your new best friend & family member? Please start by filling out the puppy application here, and I will then give you a call typically within 24-48 hours.

Thanks, Hiedi