Puppy/Visitation Policy

We welcome deposit holders to visit and pick out their puppy at six weeks of age. We will schedule an appointment closer to that time. For the safety of the puppies, we do not allow visits until the puppies have had their first series of vaccines and if we have young puppies we may place certain limitations on visits to ensure biosafety. We have health concerns for the puppies, who are still developing their little immune systems and not yet protected by vaccinations and maturity. (People can inadvertently carry diseases in on their shoes, hands, and clothing.) 

We have health concerns for our mothers. Activity and new people in the house are a significant source of stress for nursing Moms. Stressed Moms also can get frantic and accidentally step on puppies if they panic. This is not an acceptable option.

Puppies are at their most vulnerable before 4-5 weeks old, and in their fear period at 5-6 weeks. We will share as many videos and photos as time allows, for you to view our younger puppies. Once the puppies are 6 weeks old, their eyes and ears are functioning and they have gotten steadier on their feet, so they are more interactive. We feel that families get the most out of visits at this age, as they can interact with them. 

We aren’t able to allow the general public to visit, we do provide a significant number of videos that show where and how our puppies are raised. Please check out our Facebook and Instagram for videos.

Please view our social media and give us a call with any questions you may have and we appreciate your understanding of our commitment to the safety of our puppies, dogs, and family.

We are happy to have our committed buyers over, providing we don’t have any concerns about current disease outbreaks or any other similar biosafety or puppy/dog health concern.

We consider these concerns as indicative of our reputability as a breeder—the safety of our puppies, dogs, and family will always be placed above a potential sale.

By appointment only, when your puppy is chosen via our website, photos, videos and any input asked from us is made, you may come and pick up your puppy at Hello Beautiful Goldendoodles. We allow our customers to come here, but we need to put the health of our moms and puppies first. 

We raise our puppies in our home because we believe that home raising puppies is both ethically the right thing to do, as well as producing the best possible results when you bring your puppy home.