Meet the Parents


Ruger, AKA Roo is our mini multigenerational apricot Goldendoodle stud, born 9/24/19. He is 32lbs and as sweet and gentle as he can be. I think of Roo as being an old soul, easygoing & loyal. This gorgeous boy loves to run and play with the big dogs and is also happy to quietly relax by our side. Ruger is +/- curl F/F for furnishings, a beautiful wavy non-shed coat, and has had his genetic testing completed as well as OFA hips, elbows, patella, eyes, cardiac and thyroid certifications. He has sired many gorgeous, healthy litters.

*Ruger is not available for stud service.


Ralphie, is our handsome red tuxedo English Goldendoodle stud, born here at HBG, 10/16/19 to Maizey and Santana. He is about 54lbs. Ralphie is a sweet-natured boy who loves everyone. He enjoys going in to the Office most days with him Mom, and playing with his doggie friends and loves to fetch his tennis balls. Ralphie is genetically clear, is +|- for curl, F/F for furnishings and has O.F.A. Good hips prelims, normal elbows, patella, eyes and heart. His puppies are phenomenal! He is available for stud service to fully health tested Dams. ee,KBKY,atat,BB,Ssp.

“Gracie Mae”

Gracie is our home grown F1bb English Goldendoodle girl, Maizey & Santana’s daughter, born here 10/16/19. This beautiful girl weighs 44lbs, and is a true dark mahogany red, with splashes of white. She is teddy bear. Gracie can often be found wherever our youngest son is, but she also loves playing with her doggie friends. She is a sweet and mild mannered girl, a true pleasure to be around. Gracie has clear genetics and is +|+ for curl and F/F furnishings. Gracie has clear genetics and O.F.A. hips Excellent, normal elbows, eyes and cardiac certifications.

“HBG’s Dixie Bell”

Dixie is our darling English F1b standard Goldendoodle girl, born 7/18/20 Our sweet little Dixie is our smallest standard at 36lbs. She is smart, confident, and obedient. She loves going to her human bothers ball games with us, and literally everyone adores her. She has a beautiful, soft, plush champagne colored coat with tuxedo markings. Dixie has her Genetic testing, OFA Good hips, normal elbows, patella, heart and eyes complete. We are hoping to see Dixie Bell become a Mom in 2023!

“HBG’s Hallie Jo”

Hallie is our beloved F1 standard English Goldendoodle girl, she was born 9/25/20. Hallie is a my snuggle bear and is 48lbs, although she is convinced she is a lap dog. With the slightest little head pat Miss Hallie will go right on her back and invite you to give her a belly rub. Her smile is 100% contagious, she is such a happy girl. She is very light cream, with gorgeous deep black pigment. Hallie has a nice blocky English build, and gorgeous structure. She also has clear genetics, and has OFA certifications for hips (good,) elbows, eyes and heart.

“Riley Rose”

Riley is our multigenerational Mini Goldendoodle girl, she is  31lbs of adorable. She was born here, her parents are our Moxie & Ruger. Riley lives with her Guardian family and is the perfect sidekick and snuggle buddy to her Mama, Sandy and playmate to her HBG sister Luna. She also loves her visits to see us, and we adore her. She is super sweet, loves to snuggle and fetch! Riley has O.F.A. Excellent hips, normal elbows, patella, heart and eyes as well as her genetic testing completed.

“HBG’s Paisley Grace”

Paisley is our beautiful standard English F1bb Goldendoodle girl, born 12-25-20. Paisley is a sweetheart! Her tail is always wagging, and she loves to go for car rides and walks. She’s a snuggler, and loves to sit right next to the children. She has the softest, most gorgeous wavy coat and those beautiful white tuxedo markings.  Paisley is 49lbs, genetically clear and is and +/- curl and F/F for furnishings. She has her OFA hips (good,) elbows, eyes, and heart certifications. We hope to see Paisley become a Mom in 2023!

“HBG’s Phin”

Phin is our medium multigenerational English Goldendoodle boy, he is 38lbs of pure love! He was born here 10-11-2021 to Maizey & Ruger and has been with his family, the Siebenaller’s since 8 weeks old. He is very intelligent, intuitive and well mannered. He loves his cuddle sessions with his Mom and is so patient and gentle with the little children in his family. Great human focus and also loves to play with his doggie friends here. Phin has had all of his genetic and OFA testing and has certifications for normal eyes, heart, elbows, patella, and scored Excellent for hips! 

ee, KbKy, awa, Bb, SS, 1 cddy

*Stud  service available to fully health tested dams only.